pet grooming every month

How often should I get my pet groomed?

If your pet have long flurry and thick hair then once in 4 weeks is very important to keep them away from several health issues. Not grooming long coated hair pets can lead them to irritation and infections. Whereas if your pet have gotten short hair than once in 8 to 12 weeks is very important.

Importance of grooming

Proper pet grooming helps your pet eliminating shedding, ticks, fleas and prevents the pet from different health issues. As grooming is not just about their looks it’s about maintaining their overall health. It prevents tangling and accumulation of dirt. Grooming typically ensures their comfort and reduces the risk of skin problems. Proper hygiene for pets is the key for their cleanliness.

Beyond health benefits 

Grooming pets also makes a strong connection between the owner and the pet, and builds more trust in your relationship, regular grooming sessions can allow owners to know any changes in their health or behavior. It also helps in discipline which is beneficial for their overall wellbeing. Through grooming owners understands their pet preferences and body language.

Dealing with shedding 

Shedding hair is very common in pets as it is a natural way .the shedding cycle occurs once or might twice a year. Some pets might shed less and some may shed excessively. Grooming is a way in which excessive shedding can reduce as bath, brushing and other steps of grooming can help getting rid of unnecessary hair which will come off in the form of sheds. 

Types of haircuts 

Lion cut 

Lion cut is mostly preferred when the pet is facing issues like tangles because maintenance of lion cut is not very easy as you have to get the fur trim that grows between grooming sessions.

Puppy cut 

Puppy cut is where the hair of your pet is trimmed shorter, only 2 to 3 inch hair is left on the skin. The pro of puppy cut is that it can be done on any type of dog who have gotten medium to long hair.

Top knot 

Top knot is mostly done on dogs like shih Tzu or cotton de they have long flurry gets rid of the hair on their face so they will not face any problem while drinking or eating.

Vaccination at home

Vaccination is an important factor in your pet’s life as it safeguards your pet against deadly illnesses. If you want to get vaccination done for your pet by sitting at home HomX is here to serve it all.

Pet grooming at home

Pet grooming is essential to keep your pets healthy and active, it should be done on regular basis as it protects your pet from numerous diseases as well. Additionally grooming at home with HomX can save your time and money, as our services are available at friendly prices. 

 You no longer have to rush to the vet for grooming at home as HomX is providing all the services related to pet grooming.

why is deworming important for pets?

Why is deworming important for pets?

What is deworming in pets?

Deworming is worn prevention for pets, it is really important for pets as it can helps in boosting your pet’s nutrient. Deworming is are mostly done in dogs or cats, it eliminates the parasites residing in their digestive system. 

How often to deworm your pet?

Puppies and kittens need to go through deworming every two weeks, till they reach twelve weeks of age. This should be done every month until they are six months old. 

After the age of six months puppies and kittens turn into adults, and all the adult pets requires deworming every three months to ensure strong protection.

Deworming treatments for pets

There are many safe ways available for the deworming your flurry friends. The quicker the worms are eliminated the sooner your pet’s health will be improved.

Ways of deworming 

Always visit your vet for deworming as they are professionals and have more knowledge. Deworming can be done in many ways like medication like a tablet, injection or applying a topical dewormer like revolution to get rid of the worms.

How long do deworm tablets take to work?

Usually it takes up to 24 hours to eliminate all the worms in your pets system, the deworming tablets includes all the active ingredients and their concern is to get rids of the worms as soon as possible.

Deworming at home for pets 

Deworming at home is no longer a tough task for you as is providing that at your door step.

Pet grooming at home 

Pet grooming at home is the easiest way to groom your pet and you do not have to get out of your house. For more pet grooming services contact 


Regular deworming for pets is very important to keep them healthy and away from many diseases as anemia, malnutrition and harmful parasites. However implement deworming in your pet care routine to have a healthy life for your pet.