Hairstyling at home

Hairstyling at home

Hairstyling at Home Services for Every Occasion

HomX has added hairstyling to its list of services. Our hairstylists are committed to bringing you the latest styles and classics. HomX can take care of all your hair needs, from casual ponytails and intricate braided styles to chic short haircuts and the dreamiest waves. Explore the wide range of hairstyling services available at home and the latest trends to ensure you look fabulous on any occasion.


Ponytail Perfection

With HomX hairstyling, classic ponytails get a modern upgrade. Our experts can customize it according to your personal taste–whether that means sleek and sophisticated or effortlessly messy styles!

Beach Wave/ Curly hair look

Bring beach waves into your hair for a timeless look with HomX hair stylists who specialize in creating relaxed waves with tousled ends that are suitable for special events as well as everyday outings.

Braided Beauties

Discover the art of braided styles with HomX’s stylists who can craft everything from simple braids to complex curly braids for you – for an entirely personalized look! Our hairstyles will help create unique hairstyles.

Messy Bun Magic

For days you want to look both relaxed and chic, HomX offers sophisticated yet effortless messy hair buns – ideal for casual events as well as formal events.

A Perfect Blow-Dry

Our professional stylists specialize in giving a blow-dry that enhances natural beauty and lasts all day – no matter if it’s curlier locks or sleek, straighter locks you prefer! You’ll leave with styled yet confident locks, without the need to travel anywhere; HomX offers blow-dry services without traveling across town and will blow dry your locks perfectly without needing to travel anywhere – perfect without needing professional hairstyling; HomX makes blow drying services a perfect place to pamper yourself – let your locks shine at any event!

Bridesmaid Elegance

With HomX’s hair services for bridesmaids, your job as a bridesmaid is now a lot easier. Our stylists create hairstyles to complement the wedding theme. This will ensure you look and feel great as you help the bride on the special day.


Chic Bob Haircuts

Short bob haircuts have always been an iconic hairstyle, and HomX brings this timeless trend right to you. Our stylists will customize each bob style according to your individual personality and desired features; whether sleek and angular or playful with wispy bangs and wispy bangs!

Modern Shag Haircut

This trendy and adaptable hairstyle can be customized to accommodate different lengths and textures of hair for an effortlessly stylish and youthful appearance.

Shoulder Length Layers

HomX offers services that enhance shoulder-length locks by layering. Achieve an elegant and modern appearance by choosing layers that add movement and texture to your hair for the ideal finish.

Simple Haircuts for Short Hair

HomX can create stylish but effortless short-cuts that ensure you look fabulous without too much effort on your part. We specialize in creating chic yet classy haircuts designed specifically to work for shorter locks so that you look fabulous without the stress.

Salon Experience At Your Doorstep!

HomX hairstyling services at home are designed to help you look and feel elegant on any occasion. Our stylists can deliver the salon experience right to your door, whether you want a casual ponytail or glamorous beach waves. Let us help you stay on top of the latest hairstyle trends by booking your hairstyling services with HomX.

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